Providing a foundation for huge shifts to happen.

Anthony works with founders, co-founders, business partners, and teams. Tailoring your coaching to your specific needs and goals, providing a confidential and safe space to deal with the issues and vulnerabilities affecting you & your organization.

Develop your creativity, find insight, and bring ideas to life, not only in your work but also in your personal life and relationships outside of the organization. One of Anthony’s superpowers is his ability to provide valuable insight into the areas you might overlook, identify your core creative gifts as a leader, and building your character to accomplish more.

Meet Anthony

An American visionary, artist, activist, entrepreneur, and coach.

In 1991, at the age of 10, Anthony created and internationally sold his first self-help product, a computer app named Virtual Journal.

Anthony earned a BA in Psychology from Edinboro University and an MS in Urban Planning from Wisconsin. He holds a self-authored US Patent, is a former World Games Invitee, was named Top 25 Bloggers in the World by TIME Magazine and is credited with being the inspiration and founding co-host of Summit Series.

Anthony has spent the last 20 years advising companies such as Google and BMW and serving as a transformational coach for figures from the tech industry to the art world to professional sports.

“Yes, I enthusiastically recommend Anthony if you met him and it feels like you feel a good connection and you’re looking to do deep inner and outer work.”

“Anthony has certainly helped me navigate really big life changes, and come to big conclusions. Holding space for me to realize it was time for me to leave Asana, a company that I had started and been at for a decade. To move on and do something that had felt like an even higher calling, and to identify with that higher calling. But, I would say that, even more helpful is just the way he’s helped me navigate the day-to-day, week-to-week challenges that come up in life.”

— Justin Rosentein

Anthony maintains a small practice providing therapeutic coaching for executives via a year-long program called ALCHEMY.

He’s been coaching in some capacity for the last 20 years and has been able to work with folks from a wide spectrum of disciplines from sports to entrepreneurship to activism.

Anthony currently supports young tech titans, brain surgeons, rising computer programers, world-famous photographers, indie actresses, and real estate tycoons.

His approach has emerged organically from his own personal journey and rests firmly in the belief that there is a deep intelligent healing wisdom inside everyone and that given the correct context it will awaken. In this sense, Anthony acts as a touchstone as you co-create a crucible for your alchemical transformation.

Are you curious about ALCHEMY?

“I’d recommend Anthony to anyone who’s looking to harbor an attitude of contentment in what is essentially an unpredictable and uncontrollable world.”

“Anthony’s coaching has had a profound effect on my life, specifically when I was going through some tough personal stuff. During our conversations, Anthony pushed me to set and realize ambitious goals. A lot of which, I’ve since managed to achieve and benefit from. His emphasis on gratitude and healthy living, along with his pretty unique perspective on love are the things that helped recenter me and move forward.”

— Josh Furman

Anthony didn’t set out to do this work and his first clients were literally people asking him to accept money to work with them. From there it’s been word-of-mouth referrals and when most people end up speaking with him, they are ready to do the work — it’s never been much of a sales conversation.

Anthony still holds an intention to, at the least, preserve the same magic and quality of relationship that has emerged through the organic referral process, but to also reach people who may not otherwise have a personal connection to him or someone he’s worked with.

If you are curious about 1-on-1 work with Anthony, schedule an initial meeting. The call is no obligation, takes about 20 minutes, and if it feels like a good fit, you choose to move forward!