Alchemy Coaching Program

Anthony works with founders, co-founders, business partners, and teams. Tailoring your coaching to your specific needs and goals, providing a confidential and safe space to deal with the issues and vulnerabilities affecting you & your organization.

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Justin Rosenstein
Co-Founder Asana, Founder One Project

“Yes, I enthusiastically recommend Anthony if you met him and it feels like you feel a good connection and you’re looking to do deep inner and outer work.”

“Anthony has certainly helped me navigate really big life changes, and come to big conclusions. Holding space for me to realize it was time for me to leave Asana, a company that I had started and been at for a decade. To move on and do something that had felt like an even higher calling, and to identify with that higher calling. But, I would say that, even more helpful is just the way he’s helped me navigate the day-to-day, week-to-week challenges that come up in life.”
Dave Heath
Co-founder & CEO, Bombas
Josh Furman
Angel Investor
Paul Austin
Founder The Third Wave
Ken Page
Founder of Deeper Dating
Best Selling Author
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Alex Gordon-Brander
Hedge Fund & FinTech Executive

“The real shift over the time I’ve seen working with Anthony has to do with my unconscious assumptions and behaviors and addressing unhealthy patterns around how I relate to work and myself.”

“He’s got this habit of stopping you after you’ve said something seemingly innocuous and teasing out something profound that’s happening under the surface that can make any conversation potentially revolutionary. He does this in a way that feels supportive rather than invasive but still challenges me to see myself more clearly.

So, when we started working together, I had honestly become quite enmeshed with the business and, on some deep level, was abandoning myself in pursuit of business success. I was putting my personal needs on the other side of the liquidity event.

Working with Anthony helped me see that in the big scheme of things, the work’s meant to serve me just as much as I’m meant to serve the work”

Margo Stilley
Ben Carapetyan
President & Partner
Recruiting Agency
Andy Sick

An update from Ben
One year of coaching

“I cannot speak highly enough of the kind of natural wisdom he brings to these conversations and how he identifies threads of truth and kernels of sense from ramblings.”

“Big concepts that I might spew at him. He has the ability to really cut through it and get to the heart of things. It got to a point where I was eager and really excited each week to have the conversation with Anthony because I knew I would learn something about myself and feel like an elevated human afterward. If you’re considering Anthony for the actual work that will hopefully move the needle forward for yourself, he is a valuable and worthwhile partner in that journey.

If you have questions about anything more specific about my experience or my journey, please get in touch. I’d be happy to speak on his behalf or tell you about my story. I am extremely happy I did this a year and a half later. I am better off today than I was before I started.”

Founders Hike

Extraordinary hikes with the worlds most inspiring Entrepreneurs, an intimate, invite-only group of high level Founders and Creators for a facilitated day hike.
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Colin Pugh
Executive Director
Brooklyn Psychedelic Society
Michelle Rose
Singer & Story Teller
Gregario Brago
Managing Director
One Golden Thread
Tom Langan
Owner & Founder
Talex Media

BioMythic Breathwork

For Founders Creators & High Performers, BioMythic Breathwork is designed to connect you more deeply to your personal living mythology – your hero’s journey.

Nick Adams
Broadway, TV & Film
Actor, Singer & Performer

Eden Espinosa
Broadway Actor & Singer

Bridget Yingling
Executive Producer